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About Russ Shields

T. Russell Shields is the founder of SEI LLC and the founder and Chair of SEI's parent company, Ygomi LLC. Ygomi builds and operates companies that deliver innovative software and technology-based services. The Ygomi companies - SEI, Connexis, and ArrayComm - currently employ approximately 350 people in 7 countries.

Mr. Shields has a 45-year track record of creating and developing businesses that define new industries. In 1969, he founded Shields Enterprises International (SEI). Under Mr. Shields's leadership, SEI built many of the pioneering high-speed, high-volume data management and transaction processing systems, including Time Inc.'s subscription systems, TransUnion's credit database system, Motorola's worldwide engineering network, Budget Rent a Car's property management system, and McDonald's store management and communications system.

In 1985, SEI's Government Operations division, which helped develop fundamental systems for the U.S. Veterans Administration, Social Security Administration, and Central Intelligence Agency, was profitably sold in a leveraged management buyout. In 2004, SEI's software consulting business, SEI Information Technology, was also profitably sold in a leveraged management buyout and continues operations as Solugenix.

In 1980, SEI founded Cellular Business Systems, Inc. (CBSI) to provide billing and other back-office processing and services to the emerging cellular telephone industry. Under Mr. Shields's leadership CBSI grew from start up to more than a 90% market share among non-wireline carriers in the top 30 markets. In 1986, CBSI was sold profitably to Cincinnati Bell Information Services, which made it the core of its cellular billing operation, the largest in the world. This operation evolved into Convergys (NYSE:CVG), a leading provider of outsourced billing and call center services. In 2012, the data management business of Convergys that developed from CBSI was acquired by NEC Corporation (TSE:6701) for $450 million.

In 1985, SEI founded Navigation Technologies (later Navteq, now Nokia Here), the world's leading provider of map databases and related software for location service applications. Mr. Shields served as CEO until 2000, as a Board Member until 2004, and as an adviser to the CEO until 2008. Under Mr. Shields's leadership, Navteq grew to more than a 65% market share in Europe and the U.S. Navteq's customers now include manufacturers of the vast majority of in-vehicle route guidance products worldwide. In 2008, Navteq was acquired by Nokia (NYSE:NOK) in an all-cash transaction for $8.1 billion.

SEI currently provides customized call center and managed business services to major multi-location corporations through service centers in the U.S., Germany, China, and Japan.

In 2002, Ygomi founded Connexis to work in worldwide partnership with vehicle and automotive electronics manufacturers to build a comprehensive, flexible solution for vehicle data communications, with a primary emphasis on advancing safety and reducing cost. Nokia is a minority owner of Ygomi in order to have access to Connexis.

In 2005, Ygomi acquired ArrayComm, the world leader in digital signal processing software for multi-antenna wireless systems notably including wireless broadband for WiMAX and LTE.

In 2010, Ygomi sold its businesses that had supported McDonald's to McDonald's Corporation in a profitable cash transition. Since 1984, SEI had built up worldwide software for McDonald's restaurants and call center support for its restaurants.

In 2011, Ygomi sold its business that supported Microsoft. Since 2001, SEI had been a primary sales lead developer for Microsoft.

Mr. Shields was a founder of the organization that became the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA). He also served as the first President of the Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (AMI-C), which helped vehicle manufacturers reach common external interface specifications for in-vehicle multimedia. He served two terms as Chair of the Committee on Communications of the Transportation Research Board (National Research Council). Mr. Shields was Convenor of the international working group developing standards for vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communications (ISO/TC204/WG16), and he is now Co-Chair of the ITU-organized Collaboration on ITS Communications Standards.

Mr. Shields was also a founding officer and director of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America). He was a founder, and is a director, of the ITS World Congress. In 1996, he was General Chair of the first ITS World Congress held in the United States. Mr. Shields served on or chaired multiple committees of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). He received the 1998 SAE-Delco Electronics Intelligent Transportation Systems Award for distinguished service to the ITS industry, and was named an SAE Fellow in 2007. Mr. Shields was inducted into the inaugural class of ITS America's ITS Hall of Fame in 2008, and was named the inaugural U.S. member of the ITS World Congress Hall of Fame in 2010. Mr. Shields is a member of the National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Advisory Board, a Presidential advisory committee.

Mr. Shields holds a BA in mathematics from Wichita State University and two degrees (an MA in history and an MBA) from the University of Chicago. In 2008, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business awarded Mr. Shields the Distinguished Alumni Award in the category of Entrepreneurship. In 2013, the Hotchkiss School awarded Mr. Shields its Alumni Award.