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SEI - Contact Center Services

Customer Care and Payment Processing

Customer Care and Payment Processing Since 2004, SEI has offered flexible, 24x7, multilingual consumer support for product information, order-taking and payment processing. We've worked with Fortune 500 quick service brands, financial institutions and automotive manufacturers to deliver high-quality, personable support to consumers around the globe.

Our PCI-compliant network of home-based agents provides flexible support models that adjust for volatile volume across day parts, days of the week or seasons. Our Lean Six Sigma quality process ensures that each customer interaction is the representation of your brand that you intend, focusing on a high level of customer service and accuracy.

All of our customer service associates are reviewed by our quality team on a weekly basis to ensure compliance with the quality standards you approve. Our highest performers are rewarded with incentive pay and prime working hours to ensure our best agents interact with the most customers.

We meet with our clients on a regular basis for quality calibrations and call reviews. Each of our clients has access to real-time call dashboards with customizable performance metrics, in addition to access to all call recordings.

Our environment is locked down and adheres to all DSS standards for PCI compliance. Credit card numbers are never recorded and personal information is never stored in our environment.

We take your brand goals and your customer's data security very seriously. In addition to welcoming annual customer audits of our data centers and network, we pass a third-party PCI audit each year to ensure continual adherence to evolving PCI standards.